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This is Wing tsun

 Wing Tsun Kung Fu is uncompromising self defense. Simple and direct, it is devoid of complicated techniques.  An effective system, Wing Tsun empowers you to overcome larger, stronger opposition with the least amount of effort. Wing Tsun works because of physics and leverage.  Wing Tsun quickly ends an attack.
Self defense starts with feeling confident, being assertive, trusting your instincts, and having clear boundaries. Wing Tsun develops these attributes and is something you will use in your everyday life. martial arts health and fitness

houston Wing tsun offers

Professional Instruction


Sifu Alex has been teaching Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) for more than 35 years.  He never holds back knowledge.  If you can digest it, he will teach it to you.  Please call and arrange a visit to class where he can explain the art and his teaching method in more detail. martial arts health and fitness kung fu

Real World Self Defense Skills


Newcomers start with a few simple drills and an introduction to the form.  They then  learn hand movements and footwork.  Next, the focus is on application.  There is no concept of beginner versus expert techniques in Wing Tsun.  Instead, you will learn effective movements and theory starting day one. martial arts health and fitness kung fu

Health and Fitness


Wing Tsun develops balance, coordination, body awareness, reflexes and timing.  It also trains you to build better body structures through forms training.  All of these lead to better health.  Because of the types of things it helps with, Wing Tsun can make you a better athlete in almost any other sport you engage in. martial arts health and fitness kung fu

Unparalleled Self Confidence


Through diligent practice Wing Tsun will impart a new sense of self confidence.  You will learn to remain calmer under pressure and your self esteem will grow.  The confidence achieved through knowing you can defend yourself is true confidence that cannot be taken away from you. martial arts health and fitness kung fu

Discipline/ Focus


Setting goals and then taking the necessary steps to achieve them is a big part of Wing Tsun study.  At Houston Wing Tsun, we will help you accomplish those goals you set for yourself.  One punch at a time! martial arts health and fitness kung fu

Supportive/Fun Environment


Students feel safe and comfortable here!  We are all friends and this is a friendly environment.  We welcome men and women of all ages and physical abilities.  No matter where you begin, Houston Wing Tsun will help you to improve! martial arts health and fitness kung fu

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Houston Wing Tsun meets 3x per week for 2 hours

7100 Clarewood Drive, Houston, Texas 77036, United States

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm Sundays 10am to Noon (@Memorial Park) Call for details: (832) 452-9966

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